Skin – the most important organ of our body. Let’s take care of it!
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Praca finansowana ze środków własnych
PEDIATR MED RODZ Vol 8 Numer 4, p. 375-379
The skin is the largest and the most important organ of our body, meets a number of key functions: passive (protection) and active (secretory, sensory). We have to take care of it even, when it is healthy and to prevent the disease. Primary care is the proper cleaning and moisturizing. It should also protect against abrasions. It should not be overexposed to the UV radiation, low or high temperatures, wind and high humidity. Adverse effects on the skin are also irritants. The specific structure of the skin of newborns and infants necessitates constant, very careful and thorough skin care and rapid response in the event of even a minor irritation and damage. The safest cosmetic products for infants are mild, pH‑neutral cleaner with no added colours or fragrances.Do not forget about protection from sunlight and use sunscreen regularly. In teenage skin we have problems with tattoos, piercings, excessive flaming in solariums. These situations have a very negative effect on the skin and require special care. The daily skin care of adults is necessary. We must use a systematic and continuous creams tailored to the age, health of the skin and the conditions in which we live. Skin care should be a daily habit. Choosing skin care products should be guided by three principles: it should be tailored to the age and needs of your skin, do not contain preservatives and fragrances, should be affordable, so we can use it every day.
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