Informations for Advertisers

General information about the journal
PEDIATRIA I MEDYCYNA RODZINNA is designed for pediatrics and family physicians (patronage: Polskie Towarzystwo Medycyny Rodzinnej). PEDIATRIA I MEDYCYNA RODZINNA publishes original papers, review articles and case reports, information about coming scientific events, reports from congresses and conferences, abstracts of key papers appearing in international journals, reviews of books and resources available on the Internet, quiz, information about drugs and specialized equipment available on the Polish market.
Frequency of appearance
PEDIATRIA I MEDYCYNA RODZINNA is bilingual – every paper is printed in Polish and in English.
Edition volume
2000 copies.
Subscription, congresses, conferences, all events falling within the scope of the journal.
Since when it appears?
The first issue of PEDIATRIA I MEDYCYNA RODZINNA appeared at the beginning of 2005.
Average number of pages per copy
Apart from regular issues, occasional issues commemorating congresses and symposia may appear.
Price-list of advertisements
II cover page – 5000 PLN
III cover page – 5000 PLN
IV cover page – 6000 PLN
Full A4 page – 3000 PLN
A4 cardboard – 4000 PLN
Black-and-white print – minus 40%
Sponsored article – 4500 PLN
Leaflet A5 (4 pages maximum) – 4000 PLN
Leaflet A4 (4 pages maximum) – 5000 PLN
Excise band (for a 2000-copies edition) – 2000 PLN
Folio – 3000 PLN
A 23% VAT must be added to the above mentioned prices.
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