Aggression and violence in family and psychophysical development and public functioning of children

1 Oddział Neonatologii i Intensywnej Terapii Noworodka, Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny w Olsztynie. Ordynator: dr n. med. Jolanta Meller
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Pediatr Med rodz Vol 9 Numer 1, p. 78–86

Background: The violence happens in every social group with a comparable frequency Environmental differences concern only a way of displaying the violence, rather than its straining. It is a process which is constantly growing stronger, however, effects of the violence applied by the perpetrator depend on the age and the stage of the developmental child. Therefore the aim of the study was to get to know negative effects of aggression and violence in family on psychophysical development and social functioning of children. Material and methods: Examination research amongst 237 pupils at the age of 14, II class of three junior secondary schools of the Warmian-Mazurian province. Questionnaire for parents, children, teachers and pedagogues were used for examinations. Analysis of documentation from health centres, pedagogic-education, psychological, institutions dealing with problems of children (police, education centres, psychological clinics etc.) was conducted. Two psychological tests were also used. The method of a statistical analysis was accepted a method of the diagnostic survey. Results: Signs of violence and aggression in family were stated at almost a half of children of examined population. In addition only a half of children showed directly the presence of the phenomena. Violence and aggression in family twice more often regards girls than boys. It is associated with drinking problems. Correlations between the frequency of applying the violence towards the child and a spouse were noticed. It causes disorders of all aspects of life of the child increasing both morbidity and public functioning. There is a relationship between violence and factors such as: low social-economic status, the country environment and the unemployment. Conclusion: The results of examination have showed explicitly that aggression and violence in family exerts characteristic and adverse impact on all aspects of life of child. Increases both morbidity of children (somatic and psychophysical) which manifests mainly in the form of psychosomatic manifestations or family and public functioning.

Keywords: aggression, violence, family, psychophysical development, public functioning