Nutrition education for families in the prevalence of obesity

Zakład Żywienia Klinicznego i Dietetyki, Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny, Gdańsk.
Kierownik Zakładu: dr hab. n. med. Sylwia Małgorzewicz
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Praca finansowana ze środków własnych

Pediatr Med rodz Vol 9 Numer 4, p. 399–403

Nutritional education is an important component of the treatment of overweight and obesity, being often supplement for weight loss diet or medication. Properly selected and implemented the method of education should serve as a mobilizing and amplifying factor, so that you will be willing to modify your lifestyle. The main objective is to provide nutrition education to and preserve the right attitudes habits. Considering the problem of nutrition education for families obese, remember that form of communication of knowledge about nutrition, aimed at children and their parents/guardians cannot be the same. This is due to differences in the understanding and assimilation of information between adults and children. Even so, keep in mind that the family is a community whose members are linked to each other and are mutually influence each other. Therefore, you can not ignore an education that will encourage joint activities the whole family. Changing eating habits must be for the whole family, as the parents through their views, preferences and behaviours shape the beliefs, preferences, and behaviour of children. Even if one person in the family is slim, should adapt to the new rules for the sake of their loved ones. Their mutual motivation may be the key to success. Changing lifestyle is also associated with an increase in physical activity, which is an essential component of the treatment of obese patients. The increase in physical activity can effectively shorten the duration of treatment and contribute to better his effects.

Keywords: nutritional education, methods of education, educational program, obesity, family, nutrition